Maiki Ring R425 Multi Animal Ring, Heavy

All BWL Malibu Rings are custom-made to order and guaranteed to the grave. The Animals used in this ring are Part of Bill’s Animal Collection Bill try’s to add one new animal per year In this ring there is Horse, Owl, Wolf, Eagle, Panther, Dog, Lion

BWL stocks the castings for this Ring and Makes it to your order Request. This is a very Heavy ring weighing or 77.7 Grams on average

Each ring is cast under sized then sanded three times on inside to reach the fine metal finish below the casting surface then stretched to Exact size Requested

BWL offers Engraving. Bill is the only one at BWL who does Engraving

The Master Skull ring name comes from there only Being one master mold It is cut to size in wax then cast Many of the Master skull ring’s are Limited and have serial numbers

Limited edition products can be discontinued without notice.


Maiki Ring R425 Multi Animal Ring, Heavy